An NDSEG Fellow may be granted 1 or more deferrals from the NDSEG Program and may receive up to 12 months in deferral(s).

Deferrals may be granted under the following conditions with prior written DoD NDSEG Program Office approval:

  1. Fulfilling an active duty military service obligation with the Department of Defense
  2. Diagnosis of a health condition that prevents fellow from progressing in their academic studies
  3. Immediate family member requires medical care or assistance from the fellow

Upon return to the program, the fellow will only be given the remaining time from the original fellowship award time to complete their fellowship. Fellows will not be given any additional time beyond the original award time to complete the program.

Failure of fellow to return to academic studies after 12 months will result in removal from program.

All deferrals must be approved in advance, and a request for a deferral may be disapproved at the discretion of the Government.