About the DoD NDSEG Mentor Program



The DoD NDSEG Mentorship program serves to provide positive DoD Civilian role models to help guide and shape the professional growth and learning of DoD NDSEG Fellows.

Fellows will benefit from access to DoD Civilian personnel with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge as well as networks among the Science and Engineering communities. We believe that this will help create learning opportunities and provide unique exposure to relevant DoD people, communities, processes, technologies, and more for our Fellows.


  • Mentee works on building professional skills
  • Mentee learns new things and best practices from experienced professionals
  • Help Mentee grow within respective research area
  • Realize Mentee’s potential through challenging Mentee and asking thoughtful questions
  • Exposure to growth opportunities and expansion of Mentee’s professional network


Mentor Process

Rules of Engagement

  • Both parties are engaged, flexible, and authentic
  • Be respectful of time and always show appreciation!
  • Report issues immediately to Systems Plus if established Mentor/Mentee relationship has compatibility issues or there is a lack of participation/engagement by either party

Mentor Responsibilities


Guide and help shape the professional growth and learning of the Mentee and serve as a positive role model via a certain number of regularly scheduled one-on-ones

  • Shares information about their background, skills and interests
  • Tells mentee how they can help
  • Listens actively
  • Serves as a positive role model
  • Helps mentee set educational/career goals
  • Provides encouragement for building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Offers mentee constructive and meaningful advice and feedback
  • Celebrates milestones and achievements with mentee
  • Acts as a resource for information about careers

Mentee Responsibilities


Seek guidance and constructive feedback on professional development and career goals via a certain number of one-on-ones

  • Takes responsibility for keeping in regular contact with mentor and actively participates in the relationship
  • Assesses academic/professional strengths, learning and developmental needs, values and short and long-term career goals
  • Develops a plan with mentor for achieving these goals
  • Follows through on commitments and goals
  • Respects the mentor’s time
  • Maintains confidentiality at all times
  • Openly shares successes and failures
  • Is receptive to feedback and coaching
  • Takes advantage of opportunities presented by the mentor